Adobe flexes open source muscles

April 26, 2007

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Today Adobe announced that they will be releasing parts of their Flex development platform with an Open Source license. Flex is an Adobe development environment geared to programmers who want to build and deliver Flash-based software applications. Octopz is an example of such an application.

Specifically version 3 of the Flex SDK (Software Developer Kit) will be distributed with a Mozilla Public License (MPL), allowing developers to contribute to the enhancement of such Flex tools as the complier and the debbuger and the core component library. Adobe will also open their Flex bug tracking database to the public, allowing developers to report bugs and contribute fixes and improvements.

Another interesting thing about today’s announcement is that, in addition to posting the standard press release and announcements on their corporate website, Adobe chose to get this news out to the developer community by having two senior members of the Flex team be interviewed exclusively by influential blogger and podcaster Robert Scoble.

Scoble first gained prominence in 2003, as a technology evangelist at Microsoft. There he used the emerging communication channels of blogs and podcasts to showcase Microsoft’s people and products to the world and in particular to the global community of independent software developers. Today, Scoble works at as vice president of media development, where he continues to share and spread his infectious enthusiasm about technology and new media through blogging and podcasting.

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