Calamari today, Octopz tomorrow?

June 6, 2007

Just looking at the new iPhone ad and wondering out loud about the future.

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All together now . . .

May 11, 2007

. . . let’s collaborate (via

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Douglas Engelbart, online collaboration pioneer

May 9, 2007

Douglas Engelbart is best known as the inventor of the computer mouse but his pioneering work and influence extend far beyond that device. A towering figure in computer science, Engelbart’s fundamental tenet is that computers should help us become smarter and work together better.

In December 1968, at the Fall Joint Computer Conference, Engelbart gave the first public multimedia demonstration of a networked computer system which brought together the mouse, cathode-ray tube displays, windowing systems, text editing, hyperlinks, videoconferencing and networked collaboration.

This 90-minute presentation, dubbed the “mother of all demos”, presented a compelling vision of how computers and online networks could be used to augment human capability. It’s a vision that we are still trying to realize today.

For more on Doug Engelbart check out the Invisible Revolution documentary and MouseSite.

Octopz advantage #6: secure collaboration & sharing

May 3, 2007

Octopz software takes advantage of the web browser and the internet to deliver a unique online collaboration service. Using the web browser means that there is no special software to download and install in order to use Octopz, and using the internet means that our service can be used by anyone with access to the world wide web. It also means that online security is a foremost consideration in designing and providing the Octopz service to our customers.

Octopz users and their guests are required to authenticate themselves via user name and password in order to log into the service. This data is protected and encrypted in transmission. Once authenticated, users can only enter the rooms that they have been given access to by administrators.

Within an Octopz room, documents, digital media and the related markup information is fully encrypted with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and verfied by VeriSign. Later this year Octopz will provide the option to encrypt VoIP and webcam data as well.

Physical security is also a foremost consideration for Octopz. Our servers are hosted by Rackspace in data centres in Texas, Virginia, and the UK. With a Tier 1 ranking, Rackspace strictly monitors access to all data centers using keycard protocols, biometric scanning protocols, continuous interior and exterior surveillance. The data centres also feature N+1 redundant power and HVAC, as well as industry leading fire suppression and UPS equipment.

To see Octopz in action inside your web browser, take the quick tour and then sign up for your own free trial account.

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