Recent Octopz mentions

is there an i in team

Over at the blog, the folks from Digital Scientists noted how easy it is to use Octopz to manage the creation of video content and noted that

. . . there are an almost unlimited number of collaboration tools available, what’s different here is the ability to markup and review video files (without requiring a PhD).

Online collaboration expert Dr. Cindy Gordon blogged about the changing business realities of online collaboration and young adults and praised Octopz, calling our software

. . . one of the most powerful on demand collaboration software solutions that I have seen in a long time.

Tech executive Alex Saunders got a demo of Octopz at the recent Enterprise 2.0 conference and blogged about our software, noting that

. . . at $99 per month per license (per simultaneous meeting), it’s easy to imagine this product becoming an inexpensive and indispensible must-have for web design shops and creative teams everywhere.

To see Octopz in action inside your web browser, take the quick tour and then sign up for your own free trial account.

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