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April 30, 2007

Looking to leverage great reviews after its debut performance at Web 2.0 Expo, Octopz makes an appearance on YouTube. The latest news is here.

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Octopz, Flash and open source Flex

April 27, 2007

Let me introduce myself, Paul Nykamp (CTO) of Octopz. Today, Brian Lesser (our Chief Software Architect) and I were speaking about yesterday’s announcement from Adobe that Flex 3 will be open source. The announcement resulted in an amazing flurry of news articles and blog posts – so many in fact that neither of us will ever find time to read half of them.

Below are our thoughts on this subject and what it means to Octopz.

Some of Octopz’s most interesting features, such as the ability to show anyone at a remote location exactly the same thing that you see in real time, come from our use of Adobe Flash and Adobe’s Flash Media Server.

In simple terms we decided to build key parts of our software using Adobe’s Flash platform as a foundation. In some ways it was an obvious choice for us. Flash Media Server not only provides a way to stream real-time audio and video, but provides an elegant way to share data in real time. (It’s the magic behind real-time document markup.) But in other ways it wasn’t so obvious. Should a relatively small company like Octopz trust Adobe to provide us with a solid software foundation? Are Flash and Flash Media server extensible enough for us to do all the things Octopz needs to do going forward?

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Adobe flexes open source muscles

April 26, 2007

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Today Adobe announced that they will be releasing parts of their Flex development platform with an Open Source license. Flex is an Adobe development environment geared to programmers who want to build and deliver Flash-based software applications. Octopz is an example of such an application.

Specifically version 3 of the Flex SDK (Software Developer Kit) will be distributed with a Mozilla Public License (MPL), allowing developers to contribute to the enhancement of such Flex tools as the complier and the debbuger and the core component library. Adobe will also open their Flex bug tracking database to the public, allowing developers to report bugs and contribute fixes and improvements.

Another interesting thing about today’s announcement is that, in addition to posting the standard press release and announcements on their corporate website, Adobe chose to get this news out to the developer community by having two senior members of the Flex team be interviewed exclusively by influential blogger and podcaster Robert Scoble.

Scoble first gained prominence in 2003, as a technology evangelist at Microsoft. There he used the emerging communication channels of blogs and podcasts to showcase Microsoft’s people and products to the world and in particular to the global community of independent software developers. Today, Scoble works at as vice president of media development, where he continues to share and spread his infectious enthusiasm about technology and new media through blogging and podcasting.

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Octopz customer profiles

April 25, 2007

Octopz Customerprofiles-1

On our website you’ll find an entire section called Applause, which showcases customer profiles and some of the early Octopz success stories.

You can read how marketing and advertising agencies, graphic designers, illustrators and photographers, architects and designers, film- and video makers, software and web developers are putting the power and simplicity of Octopz online collaboration to work for themselves, their clients, colleagues and suppliers.

As a result, these early adopters of Octopz are saving time and money while delivering better work and higher value services in today’s competitive marketplace.

An Adobe Acrobat or PDF version of our customer profiles is also available here for download or online viewing.

To see Octopz in action inside your web browser, take the quick tour and then sign up for your own free trial account.

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Octopz advantage #5: participate instantly

April 24, 2007

Octopz Singlevisit

One of the barriers that have traditionally limited the adoption of online collaboration services, is the software installation and lengthy registration process that people have to go through to use such a service.

Octopz offers you a unique way to overcome this barrier and increase client, colleague and supplier participation in online collaborations, especially for a one-off session or visit.

With a single click, you can send out an email from within Octopz and invite anyone, anywhere directly into a an Octopz room. The email recipient clicks on the link within the email you’ve sent, and is instantly connected to the right Octopz room. No software to download or install, no lengthy account form to fill in and configure before using the service. For security, a single visit invitation expires after it has been used or within five days if it is unused.

Of course, for regular and frequent online collaborators and participants, Octopz also offers you the ability to create and manage unlimited user accounts very easily from the Meeting Zone panel.

To see Octopz and single visit invitations in action inside your web browser, take the quick tour and then sign up for your own free trial account.

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How do you pronounce the “z” in Octopz?

April 23, 2007

In this video, Octopz CEO Barry Fogarty is interviewed by Neo-Fight at the Web 2.0 Expo about our online collaboration software. After Barry’s first take at describing Octopz, Neo-Fight guest host Tony Katz encourages him to try again, this time in English.

By the time Barry is finished explaining Octopz, Tony is visibly impressed, and likes our name and logo to boot. And as the interview winds to a close, Tony takes a moment to translate Barry’s pronunciation of the z in Octopz (“zed” in Canadian) to “zee” for the rest of the North-American English-speaking world.

The full Neo-Fight Web 2.0 Expo report and other eposides of the show are here

Octopz and Webware 100

April 21, 2007

Along with including Octopz as one of their top 5 picks at the Web 2.0 Expo (see video above), CNET’s announced the Webware 100 competition at the show. They are asking readers to pick the best 100 web apps in 10 categories.

First up is the nomination process which runs until May 7. After all the nominations are in, the editors will select 25 services per category and readers will vote for the winners beginning in late May and runnning until mid-June.

If you would like to nominate Octopz for the Webware 100, we suggest you do so in the communications category. Done!

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