Octopz nearing release

March 29, 2007

Octopz Beta-1

Our programmers and designers are busy optimizing code and nudging pixels into place to bring you Octopz. It’s chock-full of features and functionality that will be particularly useful to creative professionals. Some of our current customers are working with Octopz in private beta and providing us with fantastic feedback.

Octopz will appeal to a wide range of creative professionals who are looking for a robust online collaboration service that can handle documents, images and dynamic media like video, audio and animation files. Stay tuned for more details as we near the launch, scheduled for mid-April.

Octopz tour and trial

March 26, 2007

Octopz Tour-2

If you haven’t had a chance to get to know Octopz yet, check out this online tour of the service, download the brochure (pdf file) or sign up for the free trial.

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Hello world!

March 25, 2007


Welcome to the Octopz blog.
I’m George (aka geoperdis online), your host and editor.

Through this blog you’ll be able to keep up with news, views , tips and tricks about Octopz, the advanced online collaboration solution for creative pros. We’ll also be blogging about digital media production, creative workflow and online collaboration best practices.

The links list on the blog sidebar features some of the best online resources for creative professionals in print, web, video and cross media production plus the odd diversion.

You can also provide your own insights and commentary on this blog through comments.  We are very keen to hear what you have to say about Octopz and how you use our online software solution. In fact take a moment now to say hello in the comments section of this post so we know who you are and what you do.

Thanks for visiting and check back often. Or subscribe to our feed on the sidebar and get our blog updates automagically.

Until next time,



George Perdicaris
Editor, Octopz Blog

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