A new home for the Octopz blog

July 31, 2007

The Pond

The Octopz blog, now known as The Pond, has relocated to a new address at thepond.octopzlive.com, our new online community hub.

Moving the blog over to this new address will give us the ability to add more online community features to the site, starting with a new series of videos that we’ll be releasing over the next few weeks.

Please be sure to update your browser bookmark to reflect the blog address change. If you subscribe to our blog by RSS or email, this address change will be made automagically on our end.

Recent Octopz mentions

July 23, 2007

is there an i in team

Over at the feedgrowth.com blog, the folks from Digital Scientists noted how easy it is to use Octopz to manage the creation of video content and noted that

. . . there are an almost unlimited number of collaboration tools available, what’s different here is the ability to markup and review video files (without requiring a PhD).

Online collaboration expert Dr. Cindy Gordon blogged about the changing business realities of online collaboration and young adults and praised Octopz, calling our software

. . . one of the most powerful on demand collaboration software solutions that I have seen in a long time.

Tech executive Alex Saunders got a demo of Octopz at the recent Enterprise 2.0 conference and blogged about our software, noting that

. . . at $99 per month per license (per simultaneous meeting), it’s easy to imagine this product becoming an inexpensive and indispensible must-have for web design shops and creative teams everywhere.

To see Octopz in action inside your web browser, take the quick tour and then sign up for your own free trial account.

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New Octopz video now live

July 10, 2007


A new guided tour of Octopz is now live on our website. Octopz co-founder and Chief Evangelist Barry Fogarty introduces you to the user interface, shows you how to

  • upload digital documents and rich media
  • manipulate and markup the files
  • instantly invite someone else into an Octopz room
  • use the text, video and voice chat features to collaborate with them online

You can play through the entire video or select individual clips from the navigation menu. We’d love to hear what you think of the guided tour video and what other topics you’d like to see addressed in this format. Email us (editor [at] octopz.com) or comment below.

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Octopz two months after launch

June 28, 2007

Octopz Woman

Hi, my name is Barry Fogarty. I’m a co-founder and the Chief Evangelist for Octopz. We launched our collaboration service a little over two months ago and a lot has happened in these first couple of months – some of it planned and some not. I thought I’d share a few of our impressions.
1. If you build it, they will come 

Since our launch, a number of positive Octopz reviews have been written by technology media outlets. One of the first was published by Robin Good’s MasterNewMedia website – which was especially pleasing for us as, unknown to him, we’d used his reports to help guide our development efforts. 

Just prior to our public launch at Web 2.0 Expo, CNET’s Webware.com also published a positive review of Octopz. They followed that up by selecting our software as one of the Top 5 technologies at the Web 2.0 Expo; we were also nominated as a finalist for the Webware 100. InfoWorld identified Octopz as a 2007 Rising Star and profiled us in their Month of Startups feature.

We also started this blog right at the same time we released Octopz and we were pleased to see the blogosphere take early notice of us as well. The blog has also proven to be a great way to connect with our users. Which leads me to my second impression . . .
2. If they build it, they will come 
Someone, I’m not sure who, said this at the Enterprise 2.0 conference last week (more about the conference in a future post) and I couldn’t agree more.
Our users have been clear about what they like (ease of use, range of document types supported, etc.); and what they don’t like (insufficient disk storage, confusion in the signup process for free trials, and lack of clarity re how to get tech support). We’ve taken this feedback very seriously and addressed the shortcomings as quickly as possible. 
We’ve also decided to take things a bit further and we’re currently working on a number of initiatives:


  • expanding our support for Flash documents by releasing an API that will allow our users to easily import their Flash swf’s into Octopz – while maintaining all of the content’s features and interactivity

  • enabling users to make their Flash documents available to other Octopz users. We’ve seen some very cool mini apps that our users have built and we’re considering providing a forum to facilitate the sharing of these apps

  • enhancing Octopz’s content management capabilities – both internally (within Octopz itself) and externally, via API, with other content and digital asset management programs

 Any thoughts and suggestions are more than welcome.
 3. Builders wanted
Getting good media reviews and positive feedback from early adopters of Octopz has been very gratifying. But we’re not resting on our launch laurels and are working hard to improve the way we collaborate with our users (and how our users can collaborate with each other)

We also need to expand our great team So we’re looking to hire some new people. In particular we’re looking for people with the following skills:

  • Flash (especially AS3 and Flex)
  • Java
  • Sales (in particular within the creative and agency businesses)

We’re based in Toronto, Canada but if you’re good you can be anywhere – we eat our own dogfood and will use Octopz to collaborate with you. 

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